Best Hidden Bars around the World

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Coming into prominence during the prohibition era in the United States, the speakeasies of today are synonymous with hidden entrances, 1920s glamour and extensive cocktail lists. Finding one of these underground drinking dens might not be as difficult as it used to be, but the rewards are just as high. This week in The Edit we’ve put together a list of our favourite secret bars around the world for you to discover.


Please Don’t Tell, New York

Photo courtesy of Experience New York

A key requirement to any modern speakeasy – Please Don’t Tell (or PDT) does not disappoint on its concealed entrance. Enter the unassuming Crif-Dogs in the East Village and head straight for the phone booth. Upon receiving entry to PDT, visitors will find themselves in one of New York City’s most popular hidden drinking dens. The alluring interior décor is a subtle nod to the prohibition era, creating a glamorous, underground vibe. Sample the classic cocktails or take a bite from the hot dog menu, sourced from next door at Crif-Dogs itself.


1930, Milan

Photo courtesy of 1930

The most mysterious of all our hidden bars, 1930 in Milan is just that – hidden. Entry is for members only – unless you can sweet talk the owners, Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo. Rumour has it that Mag Café might hold the answers if you can speak to the right people. Once you obtain the address, expect to enter one of Milan’s most secretive nightlife spots. Greeted by the fashionable yet welcoming interiors, 1930 offers an intimate space to meet with friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy light music from the band or pianist and tantalising cocktails from their creative and stylish menu.


Evans & Peel Pharmacy, London

Photo courtesy of Evans & Peel Pharmacy

Nestled on a quiet residential street in the neighbourhood of Chiswick, London, lies the second opening from Evans & Peel. Following the success of its not-so-secret big sister, Evans & Peel Detective Agency, their new opening promises a more intimate experience. Hidden behind the façade of a 1920s pharmacy, guests must regale the awaiting pharmacist with their ailments before being given access to the secret interior. Inside, a cosy bar, featuring exposed brick walls and dangling lightbulbs, offers the perfect place to while away the evening. Enjoy the elegant cocktail list and American-inspired bites to eat.


No Vacancy, Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of No Vacancy (Luke Gibson)

No hidden cocktail den in Los Angeles would be complete without a little extra Hollywood glamour. No Vacancy promises nothing less, with burlesque acts, tightrope walkers and music into the early hours. Live bands keep the spirit of the era alive, with jazz and blues music in the late evening. If you can make it into this Victorian mansion past the well-dressed men guarding the door, a night of elegant mixology and live entertainment awaits.


Blaine, Paris

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A key player in the glamorous Paris nightlife scene, Blaine is hidden behind an unmarked, black door in the 8th arrondissement. With a weekly changing password, Blaine has all the hallmarks of a classic speakeasy. The cocktail list doesn’t disappoint either, blending prohibition era inspiration with a modern menu from the bar’s talented mixologists. Not your typical cocktail bar, expect late night music and live DJs to dance the night away to.

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